Additional Services

  • INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION – Conduct an inspection and certification of work in progress for:

    1. Footers

    2. Slabs

    3. Foundation

    4. Framing

  • BEAM DESIGN  – Calculate and design appropriate beams to carry all loads as required by identifying and specifying:

    1. Beam Material

    2. Beam Shape

    3. Beam Span

    4. Bracing

    5. Load

  • BUILDING CONDITION ASSESSMENT – Conduct an inspection, investigate and provide a report as appropriate to include:

    1. Assess any damage and/or instability

    2. Provide suggestions for solutions to reinstate the integrity of the structure

  • FEASIBILITY STUDY – As part of Preliminary Design

    1. Evaluate existing structure

    2. Determine and develop best program in accordance with needs, desires, requirements, restrictions and budget

    3. Investigate tentative approval from official agencies for the project


    1. Complete and submit the required applications  and drawings to request approval for the required permits for construction

    2. Consult and coordinate with permitting agencies

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