Home Design for Dogs: Tips for Designing Spaces for our Four-Legged Family Members

For many of us, our dogs don’t just live amongst us; they are truly members of our families. They use our homes just as much as we do, and most of the time, they actually spend more time in the house than their humans! 
There are many ways that you can incorporate dog-friendly solutions into your home design that will make life more comfortable for them and easier for you. Below are a few suggestions for ways to make your home more dog-friendly:

Create a space to transition your dog from outdoors to inside.

Dogs are typically outside several times a day, and when they come back in, they don’t kick off their shoes like the rest of us. Instead, they can often track dirt and debris throughout the house. 
One way to help alleviate this is to add a station near the entryway, such as in a mudroom or somewhere in or near the garage. It can be as simple as a wash sink and some hooks for towels to clean their dirty paws, or it can be as complex as a washing station with a dog shower and storage for supplies and toys. 
Keep all of the feeding supplies in one location.
Another design idea that will add convenience to your life is to set up a feeding zone. Whether it’s in the kitchen, laundry room, or some other area with a tile or hardwood surface, consider a pull-out drawer to serve as a feeding drawer. You can pull the drawer out at feeding time, and for the rest of the day you won’t be tripping over the food bowl. You can also integrate a feeding station into a kitchen island as another way to make sure the food bowl doesn’t sit on the floor where it can get in the way. 
Don’t forget to have a cabinet or shelf dedicated to storing away food, treats, bowls, and other items. 
Consider adding dividers or gates to areas you don’t want your dog to have access to.
Sometimes there are just areas in our house that we try to keep our dogs (or kids!) from getting messy, such as a formal living room or office. Whether you want to keep a room pet-free, or simply keep your dog confined to a certain area when you’re not home, including nice dividers or pocket gates in your home design is a great way to plan ahead. 
You can also set up dedicated rooms or spaces, in lieu of a crate, for your dog to be able to relax in. Some owners choose a den area or spare room, or even the closet space under the stairs, to dedicate to their dogs. 
Install electronic pet doors. 
Gone are the days of doggie doors. With today’s smart home features, you can install electronic doors which are controlled from your dog’s collar and will only unlock and open when your dog walks up. You can also program the door to only open during certain hours, ensuring that your dog can’t go outside throughout the night or when you aren’t home to watch him. 
These are just a few of the ways that you can make your home more comfortable for your furry family members, and more convenient for you. If you are interested in incorporating these ideas into your home, or if you plan to build or remodel, request a consultation with us today.
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