Current Trends in Sustainable Architecture

Trends come and go, but one that will likely always stick around is sustainability. Over the years, sustainable building and design has moved to the forefront of many companies’ priorities. Ever-increasing knowledge about the Earth and non-renewable resources has made “going green” less hippie, and more mainstream. 
Many energy-saving techniques, such as daylight harvesting and low VOC materials, have made work environments more healthy. New techniques are continuously developed to make environments more functional and sustainable. Here are some current trends in sustainable building: 
Storm Water Management
In areas prone to flooding, storm water management is imperative. Some new ways architects and builders are accomplishing this more sustainably are to use green infrastructure and plants to help soak up the water and prevent flooding. Roads and driveways can be built using porous pavements, which also prevent flooding. Using green materials for storm water management can prevent damage and save a lot of money in the long haul. 
Cooling Roofs
Cooling roofs can be built using different materials, such as reflective paint, special shingles, or a sheet covering. By reflecting the heat from the sun, a cool roof can keep your home or building much cooler. This will positively impact your energy bill during the summer months. 
Zero Energy Buildings
Zero energy buildings are gaining more and more popularity. These buildings are equipped with energy efficient appliances, operation, and maintenance, and efficient building construction. The energy needs of the building are supplied by renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power. 
Sustainable Building Materials
The construction of a home or building includes a wide array of materials, and the production of more sustainable materials continues to increase and improve. One such improvement is the use of steel beams, which are sturdier than traditional wood beams and can be made from recycled materials. Another advancement in materials is natural paints, which eliminate natural pollution. Other green materials include efficient insulation, roofing materials (as described above), and windows with good U-factors. 
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