10 Home Design Trends to Look for in 2021

Everyone is looking forward to the new year, ourselves included. Many homeowners are making plans now for projects to begin in January, and with that comes the design of all these new spaces.
So what will home design look like in 2021? We’ve narrowed down the list of new and emerging home design trends for next year to our top 10:

1. Industrial Style
A trend that will stick around in 2021, thanks to the likes of designers such as Joanna Gaines, is industrial. This involves asymmetrical forms and the mixture of different finishes, such as iron, wood, and aluminum.

2. Smart Homes
Homes will continue to be more automated in order to make some tasks, such as adjusting the thermostat or turning lights on or off, simpler. There is also the peace of mind aspect; homeowners find comfort in being able to check security cameras and adjust their home’s heat and lighting while they are away.
3. Open Floor Plans
Open concept floor plans will continue to be a trend. Fewer walls mean more square footage, and creative designers are finding new ways to make rooms serve multiple purposes.
4. Kitchen Continues to be Most Popular Space
Another home design trend that will stick around through 2021 is the importance of the kitchen space. The kitchen is no longer just a space for preparing food; it is a place where families and friends gather and where kids eat breakfast and do their homework. Kitchens are now blending into dining rooms and family rooms, with large islands serving as a place to congregate.
5. Special Floor and Wall Finishes
Walls and floors are no longer overlooked; they provide opportunities for the homeowner to express their style. Whether a unique tile pattern is on the floor, or the walls are adorned with brick or shiplap, these two previously ignored elements are now gaining their own sense of style.
6. Spa Baths Gain Appeal
Bathrooms are now viewed as a place to relax, and not just a place to shower. As self care becomes more and more of a priority, especially with so many people confined to their homes for telework, the bathroom is viewed as a retreat that can serve as an escape.
7. Neutral Finishes 
Floors, walls, hardware, and furniture selections in neutral colors have been very popular, and we anticipate that trend to continue. Light and airy colors make rooms appear larger and add to the aesthetic.
8. Rehabilitation and Repurposing 
Minimizing work – and waste – has become very popular when it comes to home design and decor. Old buildings have been repurposed into something new and useful. Historic homes are being restored. Reusing rather than starting from scratch can be a great way to cut costs and add character to your space.
9. Outdoor Spaces
Homeowners are looking for outdoor spaces, such as balconies or patios, that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Great design allows for such areas to be heated or cooled so they can get more use.
10. Minimalist Approach
Whether through the architecture or the decor, homes continue to trend towards a more simple, minimalist look. Architects and designers will continue to look for ways to reduce noise and add natural light to spaces.
Whether you are building your dream home in 2021 or you are renovating your existing house, we can discuss how to keep your home on trend while creating a space that will work best for you.
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