Four Predictions for the Most Popular Home Renovation Trends in 2022

Sometimes your dream home is the one you’re already living in, minus a few upgrades. Between low inventory in the housing market and families continuing to spend much of their time at home, renovating is a popular choice amongst homeowners these days.
As with anything else, trends for home renovations fluctuate over the years as the culture changes and family dynamics evolve. Certainly the way families are viewing their homes has changed in these pandemic times. Based on that, we’ve made some predictions for what we believe we will see as the most popular home renovation trends in 2022:

1. Dedicated home office space.

Teleworking and virtual meetings are here to stay. Even companies hopeful that we will “return to normal” have found many benefits to employees working from home, at least part time.
So what this means for many homeowners will be a priority placed on a dedicated office space. A place where people can be productive and participate in zoom meetings with a professional aesthetic behind them and fewer interruptions will be at the top of many homeowners’ lists.

2. Focus on the outdoors.

A great way to enjoy more from your home – and add more areas to hang out – is to create functional outdoor spaces. Adding shaded areas to the yard, whether with awnings or trees, is a great way to make it a more comfortable place to relax or host gatherings. Furniture such as sectional couches, chairs, or even bars and bar stools help create an inviting atmosphere. Adding rooms such as outdoor kitchens will also increase in popularity.

3. Textured finishes.

We predict homeowners will also continue to add personality to their homes by choosing textured finishes, such as faux brick walls, shiplap, and wallpaper. By including elements like this to various spaces, it creates conversation and adds warmth to the home. Homeowners continue to be more bold and adventurous with their finishes, and the creativity is fun to see.

4. Bringing the outside, in.

Homeowners will continue to create calming, minimalist spaces by reducing clutter and adding natural light and greenery. They will lean towards natural wood finishes and earth tones to give a more tranquil vibe. Larger windows, and doors which do not block the view to the outside, will be popular as well, as a way to create a more seamless transition between the outside and inside.
Having the home you’ve always dreamt of does not necessarily mean you need to relocate. We can meet you right where you are to create the spaces that will make your home come back to life. Reach out to our team today to request a consultation.
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