Rising Fuel Prices and the Effect on the Building Industry / The Top Energy-Efficient Building Materials 

Rising gas prices – on the heels of a pandemic – seem to be affecting every industry in many ways. The increased cost of materials combined with labor shortages had already impacted the building industry, and now the rising cost of gas is adding even more strain on contractors.
Consumers are being impacted as well. Higher prices at the pump, combined with the increased cost of housing and, well, living, is leading people to make energy-efficiency a priority in order to save money. This focus on saving energy is also true for those building new homes or commercial buildings.
There is a wide variety of energy-efficient building materials available today. In addition to being affordable, they are also much more eco-friendly. Here are a few:

Recycled Steel

Recycled steel, such as from scrap cars, can take the place of many trees that would otherwise be used to construct a house or other structure. Steel beams can replace wooden ones and are a great option for those in areas with high wind.

Insulating Concrete Forms

These have regained popularity because of their energy-saving features. Concrete is poured between two insulating layers and left in place. This is used for free-standing walls and building blocks.

Cool Roofing Technology

Cool roofing technology reflects sunlight off of the roof and therefore reduces the heat in the home, thus reducing the cost to keep your house cool during the warmer months.

Low-E Windows

These high performance windows have a clear coating of metal oxide, which reduces heat in the summer and blocks infrared radiation. These windows also make great insulators in the winter and can block heat from flowing out by up to 50%.
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