A Room with a View – Maximizing Potential in Existing Space

When purchasing a waterfront home, the ability to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise or sunset and savor water views from every possible space is critical.  Smaller rooms where people find themselves spending a great deal of time may serve an important function but offer little or no opportunities to enjoy the beauty beyond the walls. A savvy architect with a keen eye for potential can find hidden secrets for re-purposing and renovating space to create stunning and useful living areas.

A client has a beautiful waterfront home on the Patuxent River.  Her kitchen was small and dual-purposed as a hallway the side porch to the rest of the house – the room had no view of the river.  She wanted to remodel the kitchen to offer a view of the Patuxent while transforming space to offer additional function.  Our team relocated the kitchen to an existing bathroom and part of an existing dining room.  We took advantage of an existing false ceiling in the new kitchen area to create a light cove that surrounds the kitchen and dining room.  There were tall windows in the dining room which we left in place and created a low bench under the sills for a peaceful and unique seating area in the kitchen.  We also added a large island that also incorporates seating.  The resulting new gourmet kitchen features magnificent natural light, a relationship to the dining area and a stunning view of the river.  The re-purposed laundry room now has a raised dog washing shower, cabinetry and a new door directly to the master walk-in closet for ease of moving clothes from the laundry to where they are stored.

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