Custom Design by an Architect vs. Builder/Stock Plans

For most people, a home is the single largest investment they will make during their lifetime.  It is often the most important investment made as well.  Getting the most from this investment starts with personalized, local planning between the homeowner and an architect.

Many factors go into the design and planning of your new home.  Not only do you want your plans to offer floor-flow as you envision, create particular dimensions and room sizes to meet your living needs and place windows to maximize natural lighting and views, but equally important are the needs to ensure that your design complies with local codes, that soil samples have been gathered and are used to properly plan the needed foundation, that septic design is carefully planned based on your lot as well as locally specific energy codes which must be followed and that, in general, all local considerations and factors have been addressed to safely build your home in a timely manner which complies with all local regulatory requirements.


 The team at Patuxent Architects is your local expert for bringing your dream home to life.  Unlike stock plans purchased online, your Patuxent Architects custom design plan provide the roadmap to your dream home that reflects the environmental capacity of your homesite and the regulatory expectations of your community. 

 Make step one a step in the right direction.

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