Creating Outdoor Spaces to Enjoy in the Fall and Winter

We are lucky enough in Maryland to enjoy four beautiful seasons. Our winters are typically relatively mild; however, there are still plenty of days and weeks with temperatures at or below freezing.
Even when temperatures are just cool enough to need a jacket, you should be able to enjoy all of the spaces of your home. Our team designs outdoor living spaces for our clients so that they can soak in their beautiful surroundings year round. 
Here are a few features to consider adding to your outside areas to make them useful in all seasons:

Include a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. 

Having a heat source such as a fire pit or fireplace truly transforms an outdoor space into a place to gather in all seasons. Practically speaking, it is an inexpensive and efficient way to stay warm while enjoying the warm ambiance with your company. Additionally, because it draws everyone to it, a fire pit creates a focal point in your design as well. 

Enclose your porch or patio. 

There are many different materials and ways in which you can add an enclosure to a covered area such as a patio, porch, or pergola. Adding this feature allows you to savor the outside while creating a shield between yourself and the elements. 

Have some blankets handy.

There are few things cozier than curling up next to your fire with a blanket. You could keep them outside in a covered container, however, they will be of better use if you keep them inside where it’s warm until you’re ready to use them. Have a basket or blanket ladder near the door with cozy and warm blankets to grab on your way outside or to offer to your guests. 

Create added warmth with candles. 

Lighting a few candles and placing them on your patio tables, or putting candles inside lanterns and setting them on the floor, creates a warm and cozy ambiance for everyone to enjoy. 
If you are ready to build an outdoor area that you and your family can use all year long, request a consultation today. 
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