Current Residential Design Trends

Many home design trends come and go, while others seem to stick around for a while. While open concept floorplans still dominate, the pandemic has certainly played a role in new design concepts. With individuals and families spending more time at home, and doing tasks or work not normally performed at home, here are some of the more popular current residential design trends: 

Home Office

This may seem obvious, but with many employees now completing their jobs at home full time, having a dedicated space to work that is separate from the rest of the house is imperative for many families. Many are also using sound-insulated walls and high quality doors to reduce noise and distractions. 

Homework Areas

Similar to the need for a dedicated office space, students attending school virtually also need a separate place to complete school assignments and homework. Establishing a homework space can help distinguish between school time and play time for kids completing their learning at home. 


With families spending a lot more time together at home, many are incorporating ways to stay entertained into their home design. Theater rooms with home entertainment centers and game rooms have been popular. Play rooms for the kids are also increasingly popular, with soft floors and extra storage for toys and activities. 

Mud Rooms and Laundry Rooms

Many families are including mud rooms and laundry rooms into their floor plans. Each of these spaces typically include plenty of storage and are meant to keep the house a little more organized. Laundry baskets and piles aren’t cluttering the home with a room dedicated for them, and coats, backpacks and shoes can all be tucked neatly into the mud room. 


Many gyms have closed since the pandemic, and many avid gym-goers have chosen to find ways to get their exercise at home to limit their exposure to other people. Whether it’s in the garage, basement, or in a bonus room, home gyms have become increasingly popular. Rubber floor mats and mirrors are popular materials for these spaces. 


Equally as important as dedicated space for work is dedicated space for relaxing and letting go of stress. Spa bathrooms with soaking tubs and reading nooks are both popular trends. 

While open concept living and plenty of closets and storage are trends that won’t be going away anytime soon, the pandemic and more time at home are contributing to newer trends meant to make homes more entertaining and functional. Whatever home you’re dreaming up, our team can make it reality. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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