Today’s Bathroom Design Trends

Current home design is trending towards a minimalist and simple aesthetic, which can actually be tricky to achieve because everything must be precise. This applies to bathroom design as well.
A great deal of thought and planning goes into designing or remodeling a bathroom. After you assess how much space you have, you’ll need to determine the program, or what will go into the space. There are several things to consider when designing your bathroom, including:
  • Do you want a tub or a shower, or both?
  • How many sinks will you need?
  • How much storage will be necessary?
  • Will you need ample open wall space to mount accessories?
  • Does your bathroom need to be accessible?
  • What other items are on your wish list?
Once you have an idea of which and how many fixtures you will include, you can determine your layout and make selections. Below are some of the current popular trends in bathroom design:

Wall Mounted Fixtures

Wall mounted cabinets and fixtures are a modern trend and help to achieve a more modern look. Having the fixtures mounted to the wall make it easier to clean underneath them. Most bathroom fixtures can be mounted to the wall, including toilets, faucets, vanities, and shelving or other storage solutions.

Textured Materials

You can add a lot of personality to a minimalist space through the materials you use. Choosing finishes with different textures and finishes add a lot of style. Some trending materials include marble, porcelain, glass tile, concrete, and stone slabs.

Linear Shower Drains

The most modern way to drain a shower is using a linear shower drain. There are many different linear drains to choose from.

Industrial Hardware

Industrial finishes and hardware are very on-trend, and there are many ways to incorporate those materials into your bathroom design, such as handles or light fixtures.

Free Standing Tub

Having a free-standing tub, if you have the space for it, makes for a great focal point in the bathroom and achieves a modern and sculptural look.

Aligned Grout Lines

When you have good design, nothing is overlooked. By laying out the bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles together, you can match up your grout lines to create a much cleaner aesthetic.

Larger Tiles

Larger tiles, and fewer grout lines, are gaining momentum as they contribute to a simple and clean look.

Back-Lit Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets

When it comes to bathroom lighting, many are choosing back-lit mirrors and cabinets as it creates a warm ambience without the glare or reflection of the light in the mirror.
When you’re ready to remodel or add your dream bathroom space to your home, contact us to request a consultation. Our team of professionals is ready to create the bathroom of your dreams while keeping up with the latest trends. 
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