The Power of Building Information Modeling

We often talk about using cutting-edge technology for our projects. But what does that mean, and how does it benefit you and your clients? Aside from seeing an awesome 3D rendering of your project, what else can it offer? 
The technology we are referring to is called Building Information Modeling, or BIM. We often share beautiful 3D renderings which are a result of Building Information Modeling, but BIM is so much more than a design tool. It is a process which uses all information available to create a more efficient and cost-effective outcome. By gathering pertinent data at the start of a project, we are able to avoid costly mistakes and save time and money throughout the renovation or building process. 
So, in what ways does Building Information Modeling create efficiencies? We will highlight a few:
BIM helps maintain construction schedules with better project management.
Building Information Modeling allows different disciplines to interact with each other and exchange information in one place. BIM can continuously be updated with the current conditions of the building or project, and adjustments can be made accordingly. The result is a more accurate timeline and budget for project completion. 
BIM can help create beautiful marketing materials for property owners. 
With the ability to generate rendered interior and exterior images, Building Information Modeling can provide a visual representation to prospective buyers. Even better, the images can be saved in virtually any format for online or print marketing materials. 
BIM generates efficiencies for facilities management. 
BIM can serve as a database of information that documents existing conditions and tracks changes. Maintaining HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structural, and other systems for a large building is no small task, but BIM can help building managers track maintenance schedules and determine when equipment should be serviced or replaced. 
BIM aids in the permitting and construction process. 
Construction – and the process of obtaining permits – can be a real headache. However, Building Information Modeling can generate up-to-date construction plans and documents that can be submitted for permits. 
We are proud to use the latest technology available to ensure our clients are getting the best service available. Contact us today to start a conversation about your next building or renovation project. 
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