It’s all in the details. 

While we often find ourselves completing larger and more involved engineering projects, we do not shy away from smaller jobs. The process of engineering, problem-solving and designing are shared by small and large jobs alike. Whether you are looking at building a full structure, or remodeling a room, proper engineering is incredibly important. 
Back in February of this year, we were approached by a homeowner who was in the middle of a full master bathroom remodel. He was looking to install a flush shower floor, and needed to alter the existing floor joists to accommodate for the new shower pan. The homeowner provided us pictures and descriptions of what he wanted. He also wanted to ensure that the newly cut floor joists would provide adequate support for the shower. With the pictures and measurements at hand, we began crunching the numbers. 
After careful calculations, we were able to determine that the existing joists would not be able to properly support the shower, and would require reinforcements. While the typical choice of action would be sistering new wood joists to the existing ones, we had noted a good amount of wiring and piping passing through the current joists. Because rewiring and re-piping can get expensive, we recommended using steel plates. After working with our structural engineering consultant and coordinating with the homeowner, we were able to ensure the proper reinforcements were used and no modification to existing plumbing or piping was needed. 
Construction went on as planned, and the client’s desired result was met. Recently the homeowner reached out and sent us a kind note with finished photos. 
Hi Brent –
I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the finished product from late Spring.  It’s a shame that all the engineering work goes unnoticed, but I make sure everyone knows!  The engineering resulted in a seamless entry from bedroom to shower.
Happy Holidays!”
We loved seeing the final result, and thoroughly enjoyed working with this homeowner to accomplish a beautiful and supported bathroom upgrade. 
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