Why Hire an Architect?

Building a new home, renovating space or constructing a new office is an exciting, yet often stressful, time for most people.  Few people are well-versed on the complicated process of construction and find themselves in a puzzle of many pieces including design options, zoning laws, contractor selection, building codes, environmental impacts and so on.  Architects are a critical member of your construction team as they bring the specialized education, experience and vision needed to make your project a success.

Why hire an architect?

They are your best planners.

Your architect listens to all of your building needs, along with your budget, and translates those needs into well designed and accurate plans.  These plans are critical to enabling your builder to accurately price your project

They are your best source of local knowledge.

Being well versed and up-to-date on the local regulatory environment ensures your project adheres to building codes and zoning laws.  In Southern Maryland, an added layer of regulation related to waterfront construction can make projects even more complicated.  Your architect brings a base of expertise to your project that helps ensure your project complies with local regulations.

They are your best leaders.

From site selection to move in, an architect engaged at the project’s inception can serve as the best option for project leadership ensuring the project stays on budget, on time and on specification.  They will be your problem solvers should issues arise.

They have a keen ability to see the big picture.

Your architect does not simply see four walls but rather spaces that are functional, adaptive and pleasing for living or conducting business.  Architects help creates spaces that meet your needs today AND address growing or changing needs in your future.

They help save you money.

The investment in the services of an architect can lead to major cost savings for your project. 

  • Well-designed plans are the basis for any successful project.  Your architect will create plans that integrate opportunities for the use of energy efficient materials which can lead to huge cost savings down the road. 
  • As ideas evolve, changes made electronically andon paper are much less costly than changes made to construction that has already been completed and your architect can drive those changes in a timely manner. 
  • Your budget drives your construction, and your architect can ensure that your contractors are not only giving you a fair price, but that your project stays within your budget. 
  • You don’t often think of re-sale when building your new home, but your architect can help you select features today that will make your home more valuable and “sellable” when the time comes for you to sell.

Your building project represents, for many, a major investment that will impact life for many years.  Make your home your true “American dream” or make your office a place of boundless productivity by consulting the services of Patuxent Architects as step one in this important process.

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